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We are ProMOM! We are ProMOMenade! 

Pronounced:  prō-mŏm/e/nod

We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit striving to empower and connect local moms via our charitable events.  We are on a mission of bringing women together through support, resources, and by giving back to our community.

Our Vision

 We want to make a difference while supporting those who have the most important job: Motherhood. Many times Moms lack breaks, rest, and support. Moms tend to take care of everyone else while neglecting their needs and health. Becoming a parent can diminish basic human needs like rest, eating, and basic self care.  Not having these basics for such a critical role can disintegrate the family and eventually community health. The health of a community can be measured by the care of its Moms. 


"The vision of ProMOMenade is to empower local mothers to take time for themselves and have fun, to socialize and to bond with other moms through events that benefit our local community.

Our Cause

When we team up together, we can accomplish more. We strive to work with partners that help children and families in Northern Virginia.


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